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Yimatzu Motorcycle Parts 40.3mm 44mm 47mm 49mm Big Bore Kit Cylinder for YAMAHA AM6 ,Necessary modification,

Products Mode: SW-CBY-AM6
Place of Origin: China
Material: Steel
Application: Yamaha AM6
Colors: Black,Bule,Yellow,Burgundy
Certification: ISO9000
FOB Price: USD
Port: Ningbo/Shanghai
Min. Order: 50 Set
Delivery: 20 Days
Supply Ability: 1000 Set
Payment: T/T
Shipping: By Sea


ModelCapacityTimingYear of productionFrame
Aprilia AF1 50 [Minarelli AM] Futura502T1991-1992AP06800
Aprilia Classic 50502T1992-1999608V
Aprilia Europa 50502T1991-1992AP06900
Aprilia MX 50492T2002-2003215V
Aprilia MX 50 Supermoto502Tod 20042194
Aprilia Pegaso 50502T1992-1994AP06600
Aprilia Red Rose Classic (5-biegowy)502T1994LP
Aprilia Red Rose Classic (4-biegowy)502T1993GI
Aprilia Red Rose Classic (4-biegowy)502T1992GI
Aprilia Red Rose Classic (5-biegowy)502T1998-1999LP010
Aprilia Red Rose Classic (5-biegowy)502T1997LP010
Aprilia Red Rose Classic (5-biegowy)502T1996LP
Aprilia Red Rose Classic (5-biegowy)502T1995LP
Aprilia RS 50502T1999-2005323X
Aprilia RS 50502T1996-1998322V
Aprilia RS 50502T1993-1995AP05900
Aprilia RS 50 Tuono502T2003-2004
Aprilia RX 50 Racing502T20032193
Aprilia RX 50502T2003-20052163
Aprilia RX 50502T1995-2002215V
Beta RR 50 Enduro492T2008-2009
Beta RR 50 Enduro Alu492T2003
Beta RR 50 Motard492T2007-2008
Beta RR 50 Enduro492T2003BE0000
Beta RR 50 Enduro Racing492T2007
Beta RR 50 Motard492T2003BE0002
Beta RR 50 Enduro492T2007
Beta RR 50 Motard Alu492T2006
Beta RR 50 Enduro Alu492T2006
Beta RR 50 Motard492T2006BE0013
Beta RR 50 Enduro492T2006BE0010
Beta RR 50 Enduro Alu492T2005
Beta RR 50 Motard Track492T2010-2011
Beta RR 50 Enduro492T2005BE0010
Beta RR 50 Enduro Racing492T2010-2011
Beta RR 50 Motard Alu492T2005
Beta RR 50 Motard492T2010-2011
Beta RR 50 Motard492T2005BE0013
Beta RR 50 Enduro492T2010-2011
Beta RR 50 Motard492T2004BE0012
Beta RR 50 Motard492T2009
Beta RR 50 Enduro Alu492T2004
Beta RR 50 Motard Track492T2008-2009
Beta RR 50 Enduro492T2004BE0010
Beta RR 50 Enduro Racing492T2008-2009
Beta RR 50 Motard Alu492T2003-2004
CH Racing WSM502T2003-2005
CH Racing WXE502T2003-2005
CH-Moto WSM Racing AM6502T

CH-Moto WXE Racing AM6502T

Generic Trigger 50 SM502T2015
Generic Trigger 50 SM Competition502T2012
Generic Trigger 50 SM One502T2012
Generic Trigger 50 SM Competition502T2008
Generic Trigger 50 SM502T2012
Generic Trigger 50 SM Competition502T2014
Generic Trigger 50 SM502T2008
Generic Trigger 50 SM One502T2011
Generic Trigger 50 SM Competition502T2013
Generic Trigger 50 SM Competition502T2011
Generic Trigger 50 SM One502T2014
Generic Trigger 50 SM502T2011
Generic Trigger 50 SM One502T2013
Generic Trigger 50 SM Competition502T2010
Generic Trigger 50 SM502T2014
Generic Trigger 50 SM502T2010
Generic Trigger 50 SM502T2013
Generic Trigger 50 SM Competition502T2009
Generic Trigger 50 SM502T2018
Generic Trigger 50 SM502T2009
Generic Trigger 50 SM502T2016
Generic Trigger 50 SM502T2017
Generic Trigger 50 X502T2010
Generic Trigger 50 X Competition502T2009
Generic Trigger 50 X502T2009
Generic Trigger 50 X Competition502T2008
Generic Trigger 50 X502T2008
Generic Trigger 50 X Competition502T2012
Generic Trigger 50 X502T2012
Generic Trigger 50 X Competition502T2011
Generic Trigger 50 X502T2011
Generic Trigger 50 X Competition502T2010
HM-Moto CRE 50 Six Racing502T2013
HM-Moto CRE 50 Six Competition502T2012-201350RALEA
HM-Moto CRE 50 Baja502T2012-201350RACEF
HM-Moto CRE 50 Baja Basic502T2012-201350RACEB
HM-Moto CRE 50 Six Racing502T2012
HM-Moto CRE 50 Six Competition502T2010-201150RALEA
HM-Moto CRE 50 Baja502T2010-201150RACEF
HM-Moto CRE 50 Six Competition502T200950XALEA
HM-Moto CRE 50 Baja502T200950XACEF
HM-Moto CRE 50 Six Competition502T2007-200850XALEA
HM-Moto CRE 50 Baja502T2007-200850XACEF
HM-Moto CRE 50 Six Racing502T2014
HM-Moto CRE 50 Six Competition502T2014
HM-Moto CRE 50 Baja502T2014
HM-Moto CRE 50 Baja Basic502T2014
HM-Moto CRE 50 RR Baja502T2014
HM-Moto CRE 50 RR Baja502T2012-201350RACEA
HM-Moto CRE 50 RR Baja502T2010-201150RACEA
HM-Moto CRE 50 RR Baja502T200950XACEA
HM-Moto CRE 50 RR Baja502T2007-200850XACEA
HM-Moto Derapage 50 Competition502T2010-201150RALMA
HM-Moto Derapage 50502T2010-201150RACMF
HM-Moto Derapage 50 Competition502T200950XALMA
HM-Moto Derapage 50502T200950XACMF
HM-Moto Derapage 50 Competition502T2007-200850XALMA
HM-Moto Derapage 50502T2007-200850XACMF
HM-Moto Derapage 50 RR502T2010-201150RACMA
HM-Moto Derapage 50 RR502T200950XACMA
HM-Moto Derapage 50 RR502T2007-200850XACMA
Keeway TX 50502T2009-2014
Keeway TX 50 SM502T2009-2013
Malaguti Drakon 50 NDK49
Malaguti Drakon 50 NDK50
Malaguti XSM 50 Motard492T2008-2001568K1A4
Malaguti XTM 50 Enduro492T2007-201568K104
Malaguti XTM 50 Enduro492T2003-2006
MBK TZR 50 XPower492T2003-2004VTLRA03
Motorhispania Furia 50 Cross502T2003
Motorhispania Furia 50 Cross502T2002
Motorhispania Furia 50 Cross502T2001
Motorhispania Furia 50 Cross502T2000
Motorhispania Furia 50 Max Supermotard502T2007-2011
Motorhispania Furia 50 Max Enduro502T2006-2011
Motorhispania Furia 50 Cross502T2004
Motorhispania Furia 50 SM Supermoto502T2004
Motorhispania Furia 50 SM Supermoto502T2003
Motorhispania Furia 50 SM Funbike502T2002
Motorhispania Furia 50 SM Funbike502T2001
Motorhispania Furia 50 SM Funbike502T2000
Motorhispania RX502T2008-2011
Motorhispania RX Superracing502T2006-2007
Motorhispania RX Superracing502T2004-2005
Motorhispania RX Superracing502T2003
Motorhispania RX Racing502T2002
Motorhispania RX Racing502T2001
Motorhispania RX Racing502T2000
Motorhispania RYZ 50 Pro Racing Urban Bike502T2006-2011
Motorhispania RYZ 50 Pro Racing Supermotard502T2006-2011
Motorhispania RYZ 50 Enduro502T2006-2011
Motorhispania RYZ 50 Pro Racing Enduro502T2006-2011
Motorhispania RYZ 50 Supermotard502T2006-2011
Motorhispania RYZ 50 Urban Bike502T2006-2011
Peugeot NK7 50492T2010-2014
Peugeot XP6 50 Top Road SM492T2005-2010
Peugeot XP6 50 Supermoto492T1997-2004
Peugeot XP6 50 Enduro492T1997-2004
Peugeot XP6 50 Track Enduro492T2005-2010
Peugeot XPS 50 Enduro492T2009VGA DV0CE2/DV1CE2
Peugeot XPS 50 Street Evo3492T2008VGA DV1CE2
Peugeot XPS 50 Supermoto492T2008VGADV0CE2/DV1CE2
Peugeot XPS 50 Enduro492T2008VGA DV0CE2/DV1CE2
Peugeot XPS 50 Street492T2007VGA DV0CE2
Peugeot XPS 50 Supermoto492T2007VGADV0CE2/DV1CE2
Peugeot XPS 50 Enduro492T2007VGA DV0CE2/DV1CE2
Peugeot XPS 50 Supermoto Power Up492T2011VGA DV1CP2
Peugeot XPS 50 Enduro Power Up492T2011VGA DV1CP2
Peugeot XPS 50 Supermoto Power Up492T2010VGA DV1CP2
Peugeot XPS 50 Enduro Power Up492T2010VGA DV1CP2
Peugeot XPS 50 Street Evo3492T2009VGA DV1CE2
Peugeot XPS 50 Supermoto492T2009VGADV0CE2/DV1CE2
Peugeot XR6 50492T2000-2004VGA DR01E2
Peugeot XR6 50502T2005-2017DR01E2
Peugeot XR7 50492T2008-2014
Rieju MRX 50 Top Edition492T2008-2009
Rieju MRX 50 Top Edition492T2006-2007
Rieju MRX 50492T2004-2005
Rieju MRX 50 Top492T2004-2005
Rieju MRX 50492T2003
Rieju MRX 50492T2002
Rieju NKD 50 Naked492T2004
Rieju NKD 50 Naked492T2003
Rieju NKD 50 Naked492T2009
Rieju NKD 50 Naked492T2005
Rieju NKD 50 Naked492T2008
Rieju NKD 50 Naked492T2007
Rieju NKD 50 Naked492T2006
Rieju RR 50 Spike492T1990-2000
Rieju RR 50 Sport Edition492T2004
Rieju RR 50 Super Motorad492T1997-1998
Rieju RR 50 Sport492T2003
Rieju RR 50 Cross492T1997-1998
Rieju RR 50 Racing Spez.Ed.492T2002
Rieju RR 50 6V492T2000
Rieju RR 50 6V492T1999
Rieju RR 50 Funbike492T1998
Rieju RR 50 Sport492T2005-2006
Rieju RR 50 Spike Sport Edition492T2004-2006
Rieju RR 50 Spike492T2002
Rieju RR 50 Special Edition492T2003-2004
Rieju RR 50 Cross492T2002
Rieju RR 50 Spike492T2001
Rieju RRX 50492T2008-2009
Rieju RRX 50492T2006-2007
Rieju RS-1 50 Evolution492T2004
Rieju RS-1 50 Evolution492T2003
Rieju RS-1 50 Evolution492T2001-2002
Rieju RS-1 50 Evolution492T1999-2000
Rieju RS-1 50 Sport492T1997-1998
Rieju RS-2 50 Matrix492T2006-2007
Rieju RS-2 50 Matrix492T2004-2005
Rieju RS-2 50 Matrix492T2003
Rieju RS-2 50 Matrix492T2009-2010
Rieju RS-2 50 Matrix492T2008
Rieju SMX 50 Top Supermoto502T2008-2009
Rieju SMX 50 Top Supermoto502T2006-2007
Rieju SMX 50 Super Motard502T2004-2005
Rieju SMX 50 Top Supermoto502T2004-2005
Rieju SMX 50 Super Motard502T2003
Rieju SMX 50 Super Motard502T2002
Rieju Spike 50492T2002
Rieju Spike 50 Sport492T2004
Rieju Spike 50 Super Motard492T2003-2004
Rieju Spike 50 Sport492T2006
Rieju Spike 50 Sport492T2003
Rieju Spike 50 X492T2008-2009
Rieju Spike 50 X492T2006-2007
Sherco Enduro502T2011-2012
Sherco Enduro502T2010
Sherco Enduro502T2009
Sherco Enduro502T2008
Sherco Enduro502T2007
Sherco Supermotard 50502T2011-2012
Sherco Supermotard 50502T2010
Sherco Supermotard 50502T2009
Sherco Supermotard 50502T2008
Sherco Supermotard 50502T2007
Yamaha DT 50 R502T2013
Yamaha DT 50 X502T2013
Yamaha DT50R DT50502T20062C2E
Yamaha DT50R DT50502T200713C1
Yamaha DT50R DT50502T200713C3
Yamaha DT50R DT50502T200813C4
Yamaha DT50R DT50502T200813C6
Yamaha DT50R DT50502T201013C9
Yamaha DT50R DT50502T201113CB
Yamaha DT50R DT50502T20025BK3
Yamaha DT50R DT50502T20031D41
Yamaha DT50R DT50502T20042C21
Yamaha DT50R DT50502T20042C23
Yamaha DT50R DT50502T20042C25
Yamaha DT50R DT50502T20052C27
Yamaha DT50R DT50502T20052C29
Yamaha DT50R DT50502T20052C2B
Yamaha DT50R DT50502T20062C2C
Yamaha DT50RSM DT50502T20052C3B
Yamaha DT50RSM DT50502T20062C3C
Yamaha DT50RSM DT50502T20062C3E
Yamaha DT50RSM DT50502T200714P1
Yamaha DT50RSM DT50502T200714P3
Yamaha DT50RSM DT50502T200814P4
Yamaha DT50RSM DT50502T200814P6
Yamaha DT50RSM DT50X502T201014P9
Yamaha DT50RSM DT50X502T201114PB
Yamaha DT50RSM DT50502T20025VB1
Yamaha DT50RSM DT50502T20031D51
Yamaha DT50RSM DT50502T20042C31
Yamaha DT50RSM DT50502T20042C33
Yamaha DT50RSM DT50502T20042C35
Yamaha DT50RSM DT50502T20052C37
Yamaha DT50RSM DT50502T20052C39
Yamaha TZR50502T20015DU5
Yamaha TZR50502T20095WXV
Yamaha TZR50502T20024YV6
Yamaha TZR50502T20105WXX
Yamaha TZR50502T20025DU7
Yamaha TZR50502T20111HD1
Yamaha TZR50502T20035WX3
Yamaha TZR50502T20045WX5
Yamaha TZR50 X-POWER502T20035WX2
Yamaha TZR50502T20045WX7
Yamaha TZR50 X-POWER502T20035WX1
Yamaha TZR50 X-POWER502T20045WX6
Yamaha TZR50502T20055WXA
Yamaha TZR50502T20122AS1
Yamaha TZR50 WGP50502T20121HD4
Yamaha TZR50502T20055WXC
Yamaha TZR50502T20122AS3
Yamaha TZR50502T19964YV1
Yamaha TZR50502T20055WXE
Yamaha TZR50502T19975DU1
Yamaha TZR50502T20055WXF
Yamaha TZR50502T19985DU1
Yamaha TZR50502T20065WXG
Yamaha TZR50502T19994YV2
Yamaha TZR50502T20065WXJ
Yamaha TZR50502T19995DU3
Yamaha TZR50502T20075WXL
Yamaha TZR50502T20004YV2
Yamaha TZR50502T20075WXP
Yamaha TZR50502T20005DU3
Yamaha TZR50502T20085WXR
Yamaha TZR50502T20014YV4
Yamaha TZR50502T20085WXU
Yamaha TZR50R502T19974EU4