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Yimatzu ATV Parts Carburetor Intake - 32mm/36mm, 400cc, Jianshe, JS400 ATV

Products Mode: 20A9342
Place of Origin: China
Application: Jianshe, JS400 ATV
Certification: ISO9000
Parts Number: F3-701000-0
FOB Price: USD
Port: Ningbo/Shanghai
Brand: JS
Min. Order: 10 Pcs
Delivery: 7 Days
Supply Ability: 1000 pcs
Payment: T/T
Shipping: Air/Sea
Instock: Yes

Parts Number: F3-701000-0

This intake manifold is most commonly (but most exclusively) used for the Jianshe 400cc JS400 ATV.

  • Manifold Inner Diameter: 33mm

  • Mounting Holes (center to center): 70mm

  • Breather Inner Diameter: 37mm

Manufacturer Part Number: