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Yimatzu ATV UTV Parts Stator - Magneto Coil,for XINGYUE XY 250cc, 260cc, 300cc, 5 Wire

Products Mode: 1270500301
Place of Origin: China
Parts Number:127004030010 1270500301
Port: Ningbo/Shanghai
Min. Order: 10 Pcs
Payment: T/T

This stator / magneto coil applies to (and is not limited to) 150cc to 400cc engines. Most commonly used for 260cc and 300cc ATVs, dirt bikes, scooters, buggies and other motorized vehicles from a wide range of manufacturers.

Common Xingyue model names consist of variations of "Xingyue ST260 ATV", "Xingyue 260cc ATV", "XY ST260 ATV", "XY 260cc ATV" etc. Common listed Xingyue stator / magneto coil part number is 127004030010 and formal description is "MAGNETO COIL". Approximate dimensions:

  • Outside Diameter: 93mm

  • Centre Hole Diameter: 35mm

  • Mounting Hole (centre-centre): 38.5mm

  • Bolt Hole: 6mm

  • Harness Length: 55cm

  • Pickup Wire Length: 6cm

  • Pickup Hole (centre-centre): 35mm

    Manufacturer Part Numbers:

  • Xingyue:127004030010 1270500301